Once upon a time
In the not so distant future when you were a friend of mine
I would sit
And watch the day
And marvel at the sunshine and all its special ways
You got to walk before you run
and if you havent got your shades dont go looking into the sun
You thought love
would find you first
The glass it aint half empty it always could be worse

Dont you pine away your time, wishing hope was on your side
It will find you someday
And all the songs you left behind that brought to you a piece of mind will play again someday

I got pride and I got shame, ive been crying on my shoulder with no one left to blame
And if you dont, hear what I say you'll be crying on your shoulder with no one left to blame.

Alone, in my car, on the rainy streets of Boston before I stepped into a bar
Where a man, sang my life today
In a single song he told me, and this is what he say
You got to walk, before you run
And haven't got your shades kid dont go looking into the sun
You thought love, would find you first
you cant slide on into second if you haven't rounded first